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Pacific Blast

Ahh - there's nothing quite like 18 brassmen blasting out Gabrielli at ff simultaneously! This project is a dream come true for me. I conducted a large brass ensemble at SDSU in Spring 2007 during my Master's degree program. Since my degree was in jazz studies, I chose to compose and arrange some jazz tunes for the ensemble. Professor Brent Dutton was my coach and faculty sponsor for the group; he conducted the classical pieces, and I conducted the jazz ones. After a brief but extensive search for a name, Dutton came up with "Pacific Blast" - hopefully we won't be sued.

Our first concert was on April 30th, 2007 in SDSU's Rhapsody Hall. Here are some clips of that performance:

Triphonic Fanfare

Thank You Giovanni (c/a. Brent Dutton)

Octavi Toni

Maonin' (Mingus/arr. Karl Soukup)

And a few clips from our recording session on 4/23/07

Black Bottom Stomp (Morton/arr. Karl Soukup)

Sumare (Milhaud/arr. Karl Soukup)

Miles Ahead (Gil Evans/ arr. K. Soukup)

Our second live performance was at my graduate recital on May 4th, 2008. I arranged and composed some new material for that. Here's a couple of clips:

VooDoo Stomp (c. Karl Soukup)

I've Got the World on a String (arr. Karl Soukup)

Being a part of a group like this is a rare experience and I've relished every moment. My goal is for Pacific Blast to perform a few times a year, so look for us at local concert venues soon.

Peter & the Wolf

Karl Soukup arranged Prokofievs's classic childrens work for 5 brass, one percussion, and a narrator. In this version, each character's musical theme will have a corresponding musical style as well as instrument. For example, the bird's theme is played by the piccolo trumpet in the style of a salsa; the grandfather's theme is played by the tuba in the style of a jazz shuffle.

Our goal with the piece is to introduce students to different brass and percussion sounds, while simulataneously introducing a variety of styles of music.

Our premier concert on June 4th, 2005, was a huge success! Here is a video clip:

PW Clip

The next step for this project is to get some grants to fund our visits to elementary schools nationwide. Our non-profit statis is pending - stay tuned!

Peter's Theme
398k 899k

Cat's Theme
416k 953k

Grandfather's Theme
479k 1,053k

Wolf's Theme

Short "Duck" Segment

For more info on this project, visit the Peter & the Wolf page in our Educational Outreach section, or contact us.

New CD project

Our first CD, "Jingle Brass" was a great success, (to order a copy, visit our store!) and we have been discussing recording another. While the new project is still in the planning stages, our goal is to have it in our store in 2005. Some of the possible ideas include the following:

1) A movie music cd - Focus will be on movie themes with "Wagnerian" leitmotifs; hero themes, love themes, and villian themes. Probably selections by Williams, Goldsmith, Horner and maybe some Golden Age composers like Erik Korngold, Alex North, and Bernard Hermann.

2) Le Six - Musical selections of the six famous French neo-classical composers.

Milhaud's "Suite Fances: Provence"
365k 865k

3) Soul Patrol - Motown, R&B, Soul and Funk. A larger ensemble will be featured.

4) Peter and the Wolf - A recording of the aforementioned project. Other children-themed works will be feautred on the CD as well - perhaps some brand new original works.

Bix Beiderbecke Piano Pieces

Bix Beiderbecke was one of the most unique trumpet players of his time, and he wrote some unique piano pieces. A self taught musician, Bix was heavily influenced by Impressionism - these piano pieces are and odd and pleasing mix of Ragtime and Impressionism. We thought the tunes would work well for Brass Quintet - and they do! Take a listen to this segment of "In a Mist" from a recent Seaside Brass rehearsal.

In a Mist
195k 455k

Eventualy, all four of Bix's masterpieces will be arranged for us, and perhaps performed as a suite.

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