January 2009 Newsletter

"Every new beginning comes from
some other beginning's end

- Seneca

It's a new year and there are many new things happening for me personally and professionaly. Let's start with a bit of a review:

- My father passed away recently - rest in peace pops - I love you.

- We finished editting our Peter & the Wolf video recently. Planning on renewing our efforts to bring this program to local schools. Hopefully we can get some support from the AFM fund.

- I've been performing lots in the pit orchestra at the Civic Center and The Old Globe a bunch - hope this trend continues!

- Just finished a great Holiday run at Legoland and SeaWorld. It was lots of fun to perform with some of the old memebers of the band, Jamie and Troy. See pic below.

And for the near future happenings & new beginnings:

- My wife is due to deliver our first (and probably only) baby in June - huzzah!

- We are looking to buy a house in the next few months.

- Seaside Brass will perform our first concert/clinic at San Marcos High School in the spring.

- I'm hoping to release a new CD soon.

- One of my New Years Resolutions is to widen my web footprint - look for a Facebook page soon and possibly a new personal website.

Here's a pic:



Jingle Jazz
at SeaWorld .

See more pics here.

Didn't have the wherewithal to make a recording, but trust me, we sounded great!

Hopefully, I'll find the time to update this newsletter more often. Or perhaps the facebook page will be the new place for this. Anyway, after June 26, all bets are off.

Happy New Year!

- Karl Soukup, Proprietor